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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need more room?

..need more space in your room or bathroom? This storage rack is a solution to space problem.its takes just a corner piece of the room against the wall while it bears the burden of your belongings in a happily tidy manner. Medium: Wrought Iron and Cotton fabric Function: Storage Durability: Adequate Design Artist: Adeline Odubanjo Hand painted Chandellier Medium: Water Colour Design concept: Chandellier Finish: Gold and Silver in-lays Design Artist: Adeline Odubanjo Catalogue rack Medium: Wrought Iron and Nylon fabric Function: Rack Design Artist: Adeline Odubanjo Save space and incorporate multiple functions in one.This console table has light fittings attached to it, a catalogue rack,and three shelving units. Design: Multi-functional Console table Medium: Wrought Iron Function: Lighting, cataloguing, shelving Finish: Black matt and Gold Prints Design Artist: Adeline Odubanjo

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