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Eni Leda is a native word meaning 'we are creators'. It is a full-service interior design establishment dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction, by rendering excellent service and providing durable affordable products and design concepts to afford you a comfortable and acceptable environment which respects your interest, diversity, ideas and hard work.

Our Mission: To supply and provide products and services that enhance our clients atmosphere and mental relaxtion.

Motto: "Recreating your World".

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soft Furnishing

Lets go native! Have u ever tried to use the traditional attire common among the yorubas called "Aso-oke" to enhance the beauty of your home? I guess not. The throw pillows come in complete sets of 6 and above with chair coverings,done to the specification of your furniture if we aren't building it. ...experience the classical era and incorporate the gothics in your home. "Aso-oke" weave and candle wax batik covers and casings

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